Stella DIY Fashion Revamp June 18, 2017 – Posted in: How To Wear Stella, Stella News, Stella Trends

Have you temporarily neglected a garment in your wardrobe but you’re convinced you’ll get to wear it again so you’ve held on to it? If so we’ve found a solution for you! We’ve come up with a DIY Fashion Revamp Tutorial to give you some ideas on how to give your old favourites a brand new look. We’ve picked a previous season Stella jacket we’ve had tucked away and played around with some ideas that we hope will have you inspired.

We love the cut on this jacket and thought it would look fab with a pop of colour so we brought it up to speed with current trends by using some vibrant patches. These patches have been stitched on but you can find iron on ones that are safe to use on other fabrics such as denim. Play around with the placement to see what suits your style most.

Add a delicate touch with a spot of lace by adding a trim. We chose to add some long lace to the back of the jacket which was originally quite short and would therefore add a significant modification to its length. You can easily sew this on by hand to the seam of the jacket.

Try this or something similar at home and share your projects with us by tagging #StellaRevamp @stellaclothingau on Instagram and Facebook!