With the winter season upon us, so are the cosier indoor events for birthdays, showers and of course lunch with your closest group of girls. To help elevate your ladies lunch game and make the occasion special, we’ve come up with 5 Tips to incorporate into your next occasion!

Tip 1: Lighting.

This is something that many forget to consider when they are hosting but can play a massive role in the feel of the whole event. Being winter we think the aim of your lighting should be warm and inviting to all your guests appose to harsh bright lights which are often unflattering. To achieve this take advantage of the natural lighting around you as best as you can for an easy and calm effect. To add to this get warm light sources like candles or even a fireplace to make the event feel as intimate as possible!

Tip 2: Fresh and Light Food.

Fresh and local produce is timeless and will always be welcomed at a ladies lunch! Don’t be afraid to get inventive, try using seasonal produce to really give the feel of winter. A great and easy way to start off is a grazing board, sharing like this is a great way to get everyone chatting and it doesn’t hurt that it is also super tasty!
Grazing Platter

Tip 3: Setting the table.

This step is of course imperative to the look of your ladies lunch and is the place where you can try and put your creativity to the test! For this season, using warm, neutral tones will give a toasty and comforting atmosphere. In saying this, colours like dusty pink and rust orange can add a fun feel to a colour scheme whilst still adding warmth to the event. Adding height to a table also looks stunning and adds interest, this can be done by mixing candles, flowers and more. When setting a table, the beauty is in the details. Don’t forget all the elements like matching glass wear and cutlery, napkins, a colour scheme and don’t be afraid to mix textures, for example linen on a timber table.
Table setting

Tip 4: Flowers.

Flowers can be a really lovely touch to a lunch and have such a beautiful, feminine and natural feel. You can create beautiful bouquets yourself with seasonal flowers to make this step as pretty and inexpensive as possible.

Tip 5: The Perfect Outfit.

Last, but certainly not least your outfit for lunch needs to be special. You want to radiate confidence, comfort and warmth to match the energy of the event. Try our Whistler Coat for that cosy yet chic feel. Navy is extremely versatile and perfectly paired with jeans and boots. Or, for a more dressed up look, the Allure dress is effortless for winter!
Allure Dress