Not into the classic ‘let’s grab a drink’? Here are five date night ideas to get you out and about in Melbourne.

Cork & Canvas
Let your creative ability flourish as you sip on a delicate red, Cork & Canvas in South Melbourne is the perfect spot to show off your inner Da Vinci.

NGV Triennial
While contemporary art certainly isn’t for everyone, the NGV’s current exhibition ‘Triennial’ offers truly opulent visuals and a great ambiance. At the very least, it’ll give you something to talk about!

Cheese Making
What goes best with wine? Cheese. So why not make your own!

Bingo & Karaoke
Give your vocal cords the audience they deserve (more than just your shower) while eating delicious Japanese, at Bingo & Karaoke by Tokyo Tina

Boating on the Lake
Though we’d rather be cruising through the canals of Venice, Melbourne certainly is a beautiful city and there’s something intimate about gracefully floating down the Yarra.