A best friend is someone you can turn to for anything… the good, the bad, the ugly. Best friends are so special and important to all of us, hence that is why we are excited to celebrate Best Friends Day here at Stella! We have recruited fashion loving best friends Ana and Mikahla to give us a little insight to their relationship.
Best Friends Day

How did you two meet?

We met at school & were friends, but it wasn’t until one year out of school that we became besties.

What is your favourite thing about each other?

Ana: My favourite thing about Mikahla is her energy – she has this amazing ‘can do’ anything, positive attitude. She makes me laugh like no other & I instantly feel happy when with her. She genuinely inspires me with the way she conducts herself & makes me want to be a better person.
Mik: Ana is genuinely the most thoughtful person I know. She has this weird intuition and knows exactly when to check in on me, send a little text or come over at all hours of the day to support me. She is such a caring soul and makes me strive to be kinder and more sensitive every day.

What is your favourite memory with one another?

Ana: Christmas 2017 – Mik was living in London & I flew in on Christmas Eve to spend 2 weeks with her. She picked me up from the airport, we watched Love Actually, drank wine & ate cheese. Then Christmas morning we walked along the Thames & had Christmas lunch at a pub, drinking more wine!! It was the best Christmas ever.
Mik: Ana stole mine, so I’m going to go a bit more general. My favourite memories are when we have ‘us’ days. This usually involves a walk around the Tan for a morning gossip, some sort of activity (most recently, Urbnsurf, providing endless laughs), finished with a big lunch and lots of pinot – maybe a few cocktails to end the afternoon too. You’d think we run out of things to talk about, but nope!
A very special moment which I’ll cherish forever was surprising Ana and her fiancé Dan for dinner and drinks, after they got engaged. She was so shocked and happy and it was just such a fun celebration of such a huge milestone!

If you could describe each other in three words, what would they be?

Ana: Vivacious, brave & ambitious
Mik: Passionate, loyal & adventurous
Best Friends Day

If you had to pick one song as a soundtrack to each other’s lives, what would it be?

Ana: I can’t choose between Love Yourself – Justin Beiber (here is to making it through many breakups together!!) or Girl on Fire – Alecia Keys (lol, she’s a firefighter)
Mik: Young Dumb & Broke – Khalid. Firstly, we love Khalid, particularly on a road trip. Secondly, because we’re genuinely young, dumb and broke and have each other to help navigate through life, without taking it too seriously!

 What is your trick to having such a strong friendship?

Ana: A sense of adventure – some of my best memories are with Mikahla and a lot of the time they’re when we’ve said ‘stuff it, let’s just go for it!’. The other thing is making one another a priority. We both know how important we are to one another & that means being there for life’s big and small moments, no matter what else you have going on.
Mik: Always communicating. If we’re not texting every day, there’s a IG DM happening, facebook tag or whatsapp msg on the go. We call each other a few times a week just to check in and debrief on each other’s life. There are no secrets, and we are always honest with each other, which I think is the key to having such a long friendship.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Ana: Drinking wine & eating cheese with our families around us, while they tell us to stop being so silly because we embarrass them. And hopefully many more girls’ trips!!
Mik: Exactly the same! We’d also be forcing our children to be best friends so we can see each other all the time.
Best Friends Day

How would you describe each other’s style?

Ana: Mikahla and I often turn up in the same outfit… we have to pre-plan who is wearing what look! Mik is casual, chic, comfort on a day to day in jeans & a knit or tee. But we both loveee to dress up and often share our wardrobes for any old occasion.
Mik: Ana’s style is always elegant, bold and on-trend (she works in fashion). She wears bright colours & prints and isn’t afraid of a heel on the daily. We love a little outfit swap to mix up our own wardrobes and send endless mirror selfies for feedback before leaving the house. She also spends about 50% of her life in active wear – black, simple and chic.

What is your go-to fashion tip?

Ana: There is nothing like a killer outfit to boost your mood. If you’re ever feeling off, put on one of your favourite looks for an instant cool-girl mood boost.
Mik: Overdressed is better than underdressed! Never stress about being too dressy, you’d rather look like the chicest person in the room than be caught out wearing jeans & sneakers at a dress & heels event.

Tell us what you love about your Stella outfit?

Ana: I loveeeee the print of my Allure Dress! I’m also such a fan of a midi dress & boot combo for winter.
Mik: The hemline on the fanfare skirt is so cute, I love the way it flows when I walk. And the Jemima knit is my absolute fave jumper for winter – cosy, tonal and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
Best Friends Day